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The Capital of Namibia: Windhoek Travel Guide

The Capital of Namibia: Windhoek Travel Guide

Many African countries have a wonderful wildlife and extraordinary nature. However, as far as I can see, very few of them contain places such as an endless horizon where the desert and ocean meet, untouched wildlife, the oldest desert in the world, and a wild coastline. Don’t plan without reading the Windhoek travel guide.

Namibia is one of the best safari parks in Africa, perhaps one of the most developed tourist resorts in the continent. If you want to explore these beauties, you should fly to Windhoek, Namibia capital.

Windhoek is one of the cities that are close to each other in a tidy, half-hour walk. It is a city where you can spend a day or two before you explore the other beauties of the country with its pleasant colonial architecture, exquisite cafes, shopping centers, lush parks that are the meeting point of the people.

Windhoek Travel Guide

Although the history of Windhoek is a little more than a hundred years, the richness of the natural spring waters in the region caused many different settlements to come here. The area, now called Klein Windhoek Valley, is known as Aigams, meaning ‘fire water Nam for the Namas, and Otjimuise, which means yeri smoke place yeri for Hereros.

In the 1840s, Nama chief Jonker Afrikaner moved with his disciples to the area where these natural resources existed and named him Wind Hoock. The name changed over time to take the name Winterhoek and since 1850 it has become known this way. The name of the city which means şe Windy Corner aslında does not reflect this fact.

Thanks to its altitude of 1,650 meters, the city offers a dry and beautiful weather all year round. However, it can be very hot and humid in January-February and the temperature reaches 35 degrees. In the first three months of the year, two-thirds of the city receives heavy rainfall, and in November – December it is rarely seen.

In 1890, while in the German colony, the military defense unit established by the Governor Curt von François in the center of the city undertook the mission of establishing a peace between the Nama and Herero natives.

Today, this region is the heart of the city. Windhoek was once the headquarters of Germany’s South-West Africa region and declared independence in 1909 with its own municipality and governor. Since then it has become a commercial and financial center.

The Capital of Namibia: Windhoek

The most beautiful views of the city are in the center. Windhoek’s oldest building is the Alte Feste. Alte Feste, was built in 1890 as the main headquarters of Captain Von Francois and expanded in 1901. Today it is used as the National Museum of Namibia. You will have wonderful time with Windhoek travel guide.

Windhoek is a Beautiful City

Cultural structures such as the Owela Museum are also in this region. The Owela Museum includes the natural history section of the National Museum of Namibia. Although it provides enough information about the rich local cultures of Namibia, the most impressive part is definitely the cheetah exhibition.

Another museum to visit is the National Art Gallery of Namibia. John Muafagejo’s extraordinary linoleum prints and Adolph Jentsch’s works are among the most famous of the museum.

The Capital of Namibia: Windhoek

With Windhoek travel guide you will spend your day happy. Another Redecker design crowning the hill is the Parliament Building behind the church. The impressive Parliament House was once home to colonial rule with its magnificent gardens. You can see students and romantic couples working in the garden.

Windhoek, as a small as compared to a capital. But outside the center, the city spans a large area. Most people live in the Katutura area.

Today, Katutura has important structures such as Sam Nujoma Stadium and Katutura State Hospital. If you have time, spend a few hours visiting Katatura. It is possible to accompany Namibians’ real lives and witness their culture closely.

Hochland Park Cemetery is a place to go if you want a little touching trip.

A City of German Colony

Windhoek is also the country’s brewing center. It is also possible to see this heritage from the German colonial era with guidance. Joe’s Beerhouse is a local establishment and has a very extensive food menu. It has a very entertaining and friendly atmosphere and of course there are delicious beers. Another place to go is the Club Thriller, which is located in the back streets of the city.

After you check your arms, you can find the most entertaining examples of African music and friendly people inside. You can dance with African rhythms at La Dee Da nightclub. Swakopmund has a little bit of nightlife. The old railway station has now been turned into a Casino, and if you want to spend money, this is your address.

Handmade masks, African sculptures, handmade wood carving, necklaces, bracelets and earrings are among the very original gifts you can get to take home.

For more information about the city of Windhoek, visit the official site of the city: Windhoek

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