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Terms of Use

Any user who visits the travelerandfree.com website is deemed to have accepted the Terms of Use on this page.

Accordingly, the conditions of use are as follows:

  • There are cookies used for various purposes on our site.
  • Some sections of our site may have advertising.
  • All comments, recommendations and information on travelerandfree.com are not covered by investment consultancy. The information may not be appropriate for your financial situation or may be risky. Therefore, investment decisions should not be made according to the information on the site. Otherwise, you are entirely responsible for the user.
  • There is no guarantee of the accuracy of the information contained on the site. The most up-to-date and accurate information can be obtained from the financial institutions’ official websites or call centers.
  • travelerandfree.com cannot be held responsible for the addresses leading to different websites.
  • Users of our site are also deemed to have accepted the Privacy Policy.
  • The IP records and other personal information we collect from you within the site are never used for sales purposes. This information is used in line with the improvement of the site.
  • We strive to ensure that all information on our website is accurate and up-to-date. However, we do not guarantee that they are absolutely accurate and up-to-date.
  • Users who act in violation of the security of the site will be considered to have committed a crime according to the Penal Code.

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