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Privacy Policy

We take all measures to protect the security and privacy of all users who use our website. Internet users who use our website are considered to have read, understood and accepted all of the following rules.


Some information may be collected from the moment you visit our website. This information; Your ip address contains information from which browser and internet service provider, at what time and what kind of device you are involved in. These records are used as statistical data for new updates in order to improve the performance of the site and to have an accurate publication policy. The personal information of the users who visit our website shall be submitted to the relevant legal authorities upon request. travelerandfree.com is not responsible for the links on our website, which are the source of another website.


By using our site, you agree to our cookie rules. Cookies are small software files that allow you to record your transactions on the Internet. The purpose of the cookies is to provide you with the convenience of the next time you visit the website and to bring forward suggestions of interest to the web world.

Third Party Software

Programs of different sources, such as the software of advertising publishers on our site, are used to make travelerandfree.com more functional. All responsibility for this software belongs to the users.

Newsletters and Share

You can subscribe to our RSS newsletter to follow our site closely. Subscription initiative is entirely in your hands. You can also share your favorite articles with your friends on various platforms. At this point, the responsibility belongs to our users.


All users who visit our website are deemed to have accepted these terms. travelerandfree.com may change this agreement at any time.