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Antarctica Travel Guide: Amazing Ice Place

Antarctica Travel Guide: Amazing Ice Place

Antarctica travel guide offers an excellent opportunity among the ice. Firstly we will tell you about this continent, and secondly we will take you for a stroll in this wonderful place. Antarctica, one of the most popular tourism destinations in the world, is a mysterious and fascinating geography that adorns the dreams of adventurous travelers. This continent, located in the southern hemisphere, was a region where mankind did not set foot until the 1900s. Antarctica, which was used only for scientific research after its discovery, has no settlements other than scientific research centers. If you are not already a researcher, you do not have permission to enter the polar territory. Don’t forget to visit this continent, which is known for its huge ice mountains and penguins that can live even in cold temperatures reaching an average of minus 50 degrees per year.

Antarctica Travel Guide

Thanks to the Antarctica travel guide you will have a perfect holiday.

McMurdo Dry Valleys

You should definitely see this place because nowhere in the world is like this. The McMurdo Dry Valley is one of the most popular spots on the continent, as it is also used as a test area for spacecraft to be sent to Mars because it has similar surface conditions to Mars. It is known that these valleys, which are described as the driest and arid land of the world, have not had rainfall for nearly two million years.

Blood Falls

This stream, known as the Blood Falls, was discovered by Australian Geologist Griffith Taylor. This waterfall was discovered in 1911. The name of the waterfall is given to it because its appearance resembles the color of blood. The waterfall is located exactly at the Taylor Glacier. The issue of why this waterfall has been investigated for many years. Experts say that this color emerges from iron oxidation of water.

Observation Hill

Observation Hill is the stopover point for those who want to see Antarctica from a bird’s eye view. Do you like to walk in cold weather? Then this is the place for you. You can walk against the wind blowing at about 200 kilometers. So you can enjoy a magnificent view.

Antarctica Travel Guide: Observation Hill

Deception Island

Deception Island is a dreamland for first-time hearers because it is the only place in Antarctica you can swim. Speaking of course, we’re not talking about getting into icy waters. You can go to Deception Island, where the continent’s hot springs mix into the ocean waters and experience one of the most interesting swimming experiences in the world.

Paradise Bay

Other names are Paradise Bay and Paradise Harbor. Paradise Bay, is one of the ports visited by cruise ships arriving in Antarctica. Located in the western part of the continent, you will have the opportunity to see miles of glaciers, penguins and whales.

Bonus: Polar Lights

If you’ve managed to set the day off in this area, you may be pleasantly surprised. You better set up your cameras, because the Northern Lights, where people are willing to go for miles to see, are also visible from the Antarctic skies.

If you are one of those who dream of discovering this mysterious and fascinating geography, you can make this dream come true by looking at the Antarctic flight tickets. It is unfortunately not possible to find a similarly place on Earth.

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